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Kerim Kürkçü (Turkey)
Lives & works in Istanbul
He is an Architect, Historian and Art Curator. He graduated Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture in 2015. He is doing Kunst am Bau project since 2005. He has been curating, designing and coordinating several exhibition at Uniq Gallery as  director and partner of the gallery. 
Gökçe Demiral (Turkey)

Lives & works in Istanbul

ha:ar (Turkey)
The duo ha:ar  consists of the sculptor Hande Şekerciler and new media artist Arda Yalkın, they are pursuing a new form of expression by blending their individual practices. Both share an admiration for classical art and new technology. They pride themselves in mastering a wide range of production methods ranging from traditional sculpture and painting to digital video, animation, 3D modeling together with current mainstream media aesthetics. 
Overall their practice deals with questions relating to the civilization we create, the technology we produce, and the conflicts we generate with our way of existence.
Their works have been exhibited internationally in galleries, museums and art fairs in Turkey, USA, England, Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia, France and Hungary. In 2019, The duo has been named as leading artists of  Digigether program and  been accepted to Los Angeles 18th Street Arts Center residency.  
Abdulrazzak Alsalhani (Syria)
Lives & works in Istanbul
He Graduated from Damascus University, Faculty of Fine Arts. He has been working in the field of Illustaration and Painting. He has done many cartoons and children's books drawings. Also all the drawings of the Museum of Islamic Sciences in Gaziantep are his works. He won the Adobe Behance International Painting Award in2015.
Ahmet Rüstem Ekici (Turkey)
Lives & works in Istanbul
He graduated from Bilkent University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Interior Design in 2008. The artist, who takes advantage of photography, digital drawing, digital collage, ceramic and ready-made objects, deals with human body and social codes and forms around concepts such as gender, belonging, reproduction and existence. Using the ready-made object to reveal the
site-specific installations, films, events and issues that have taken place in our social memory, revealing its potential with its concept.
Bodour Xena (Syria)
Lives & works in Istanbul
She is from Damascus countryside. After she lived 17 years in UAE she moved Syria in 2002 and studied architecture in Damascus University. She worked as an architect in Damascus and Beirut. She moved to Istanbul in 2016.
Gizem Doğan (Turkey)
Lives & studies in Istanbul
Izmir, 1998
After she met animation and digital art when she was 18, she started to studying Visual Communication at Izmir Economy University. She is working with After Effects, Cinema4D, Houdini. Currently she is studying at Yıldız Technical University.
Hakan Çınar (Turkey)
Lives & works in Istanbul
Trabzon, 1983
He graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Sculpture in 2011. In 2012 he started his master’s degree in sculpture at the Mimar Sinan University. 
Hamza Kırbaş (Turkey)
Lives & works in Istanbul
Batman, 1992
He graduated from Batman University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in 2017. He was a nominee at the Warsteiner Bloom Award, Düsseldorf in 2018. He is doing his master’s degree in Hacettepe University.
Imad Habbab (Syria)
Lives & works in Istanbul
Damascus, 1989
In the age of 13, Imad decided to take a step closer to art concepts and he joined professional art classes in the city of Damascus. While it was a tense experience for him in the Faculty of Fine Art that he graduated from in 2011, the Impressionism was a special experience for him that pushed him to build his concepts with a rich palette. In 2012 Imad left his hometown after the crises. Because of his desire of knowledge he went to Lebanon and started the explosion concept as a reaction to his memories. In 2014 he started the Civilian spectrums concept about the deep relation between identity, the place, and the human traces.
After a rich experience in Beirut he decided on moving to Istanbul in the beginning of 2015, as Istanbul held a new kind of inspiration to continue with his palette concept. Imad has participated in many exhibitions and performances in the Middle East,
Europe, and the United states; his latest solo exhibition was in Istanbul 2019.

Rama Samkari (Syria)
Lives & works in Istanbul
Damascus, 1989
She studied French Literature in Damascus University. Her career began in 2008 as an animator and later in 2012 she started working production houses in the middle east and Africa as an Art Director and Concept Consultant\Artist.
in 2018 she started working as an Art consultant for Queen Rania Foundation. She won the Behance-Adobe Portfolio review in Istanbul. She speaks Arabic, English and French and learning Turkish.

Rand Ramadan (Syria)
Lives & works in Istanbul
Damascus, 1989
She studied Visual Communication in Damascus University. In 2013 she came to Istanbul and worked as a freelancer artist who designed book covers and logos. She also participated Together-II workshop in 2017.
Uğur Kolege (Turkey)
Lives & works in Istanbul
Istanbul, 1987
The artist was interested in painting as a child, while he was copying his father's drawings. He left the Istanbul University, Department of Sociology and continued his studies on art. He designed a 3D toy by the drawings of Sadi Güran.
Uğur Kolege (Turkey)

Lives & works in Istanbul

Nisan Berkol (Turkey)

Lives & study in Istanbul

Basel Sheikh Alkar (Syria)

Lives & works in Istanbul

Minoo Parhizkari (Iran)

Lives & works in Istanbul

Erinç Durlanık (Turkey)

Lives & works in Istanbul

Abdi Deeq Muxumed (Somali)

Lives & study in Istanbul

Erinç Durlanık (Turkey)

Lives & works in Istanbul

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