‘Digigether’ is a social cohesion project and third in the ‘Together’ Series. The project is aiming to support artists who are forced to flee from their own country, within the framework of developments in culture industry by introducing them to the local contemporary art scene. Digigether Project is planning to built professional networks and peaceful coexistence between art professionals.

While aiming to make artists more visible in the local and international art scene, Digigether is teaching artists new technologies and CGI techniques.  By the capability of usage of CGI Techniques and Data processing, during workshop artists will produce multi media artworks of current aesthetics and forms in tune with international art world. However, the project also aims to enable artists to exhibit their works in multi disciplinary exhibitions, which adopt an interactive, pluralistic approach open to participation and dialogue with different audiences.

Digigether workshop was held at TAK Kadıköy between 2 April and 11 April 2019

Digigether Exhibition was held at Uniq Gallery between 19 April and 5 May 2019